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Wire Chaser #3 Skill Building Tasks

Артикул: 1019683 [W44925]
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Часы работы: 9:00 – 18:00 (Пн-Пт)

The 3-Dmed skill building tasks provide challenges that are required motions and activities used in laparoscopic surgery. Each task has multiple exercises of varying degrees of difficulty.

Suggested One-Handed Exercises: Begin with the largest ring. Pass it over the wire from one end to the other while keeping the ring perpendicular to the wire, and not touching the wire. As it goes over the loops you will have to rotate your wrist to maintain a perpendicular orientation. Develop skill in both hands starting with dominate hand.

Suggested Two-Handed Exercises: Begin with the right hand. Start with the largest ring and pass it over the wire keeping the ring perpendicular to the wire, and not touching the wire. As you come over the top roll your hand and the ring rolls over the top of the first loop. Switch to your left hand, which takes the ring and rolls under the bottom of the loop. As you pass the middle of the rise you would then switch back to your right hand to go over the rise. Continue to the end of the wire.