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Surgery and Laparoscopy Torso

Артикул: 1005135 [W19312]
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Часы работы: 9:00 – 18:00 (Пн-Пт)

This trainer is aimed at all levels of surgeons in training whose surgical skills require extra practice.

Once set up, the torso can be used to self-educate using his/her preferred surgical laparoscopic instrumentation for a variety of techniques. The Torso has the following features:

• Can insufflate and maintain air tight pressure

• Supports usage of wet tissue or prepared artificial materials

• Can be used for surgical diathermy. There is a fixed metal plate in the base of the unit with a

connection on the outside to enable earthing

• Can be easily cleaned by flushing out through a large airtight drain plug

• Is light weight and has a carrying handle

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