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LAP-X VR is an innovative virtual reality simulator for cost-effective motor skills training for different surgical specialties. It provides a validated package of various curricula of increasing difficulty to attain proficiency skill levels in all surgical specialties, including gynecology, urology, pediatric surgery, general surgery and gastrointestinal surgery.

LAP-X VR offers an excellent training aid to standardize, structure, and complement hands-on skills training in surgical residency programs. With the possibility of metrics measurement and performance recording as well as online remote assessment, LAP-X VR provides an ideal training solution to help surgical educators save time, effort and money while achieving the best training results.

Simulator benefits:

  • Affordable and easy to set up Virtual Reality system
  • Instant feedback with measurements
  • Possibility to use real instruments
  • Ability to add and modify existing modules and exercises
  • Administration tool to monitor the training progress of trainees

System specifications:

Two controllers (22 x 15 x 32 cm, 1.6 kg each)

HD camera, red light, footpedals

Exercise platform 35 x 30 x 5 cm