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Lap-X Box Laparoscopy Trainer

Артикул: 1020116
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Часы работы: 9:00 – 18:00 (Пн-Пт)


Lap-X Box is the basic version (a traditional box trainer) within the Lap-X simulator series and comes with the hardware needed to perform the following training:

• Moving objects bimanually from one instrument to the
• Performing tasks under different camera angles via
different endoscope insertion points
• Navigating with a 0°, 30° or 60° scope
• Mastering the Fulcrum effect
• Completing tasks with one hand while keeping the instrument in the other hand steady

The hardware comes complete with the recordingsoftware package necessary to train various training skills. Instructors can create different exercises and the students performance can be video recorded and evaluated with the following parameters: time, left path length, right path length.

Delivery content:
• 2 controllers (left and right)
• 1 foot pedal with 3 switches for cauterisation, coagulation, zoom in,
zoom out, cchange of camera angle and start of an exercise recording
• 1 HD camera (1920×1080) with auto focus and low light support,
powered by USB (2.0, 3.0)
• 1 tray unit to place different tasks and games for training 
• B. Braun Aesculap laparoscopic instruments (these instruments can be
replaced by any 5 mm or 10 mm instruments)
• 1 carrying case (60 x 55 x 18cm)
• 1 software package
• Administrator mode
• Hardware support and guarantee (1 year)
• Software license and support (1 year)

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